Pass your green belt grading with ease

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Bonus #1

History of Judo


As a beginning Judoka attempting your Yellow belt one of the first questions you will be asked is "to explain the history and roots of Judo." This eBook was written to help you have a clear and precise answer to this question. Included is information such as how Judo was invented, detailed information about professor Jigoro Kano as well as what year Judo was introduced into the Olympic Games. 


Learn the history, understand the sport and pass any Judo history related question.

Bonus #2:

Basic Judo Knowledge


With this bonus eBook you will learn all the essential information needed to pass the 'Judo general knowledge' part of your yellow belt grading. Included is basic Judo knowledge such as:


- The difference between Judo and Jujitsu

- When and where to bow

- How to tie your belt

- How to fold your gi

- Judo etiquette

- and lots more.


Go into your Yellow belt grading confident knowing you have all bases covered when it comes to general knowledge about Judo.




Bonus #3:

Japanese Terminology 


Words like "Osoto gari, Matte,  Sona mama, Yoshi, Waza ari and Hajime" don't make much sense.

Understanding and learning Japanese terminology can be very difficult and at first it seems that your Sensei is talking utter gibberish. The more you read through the terms for various body parts and concepts your understanding of Judo increases rapidly. I have put this book together as a quick reference for you to kick start tour understanding and get you using Japanese terms quicker than you ever thought possible.

Bonus #4:

Grip Fighting Basics


In this DVD Download you will learn basic grip fighting skills and startegies you need to gain the upper hand on your opponent. The grip fighting skills in this DVD will help you during Randori and during the intensity of competition.



You will learn how to approach all types of fighters including left handers, right handers, top grippers, double sleevers and more. This DVD download is a must for all Judoka who want to start competing in Judo tournaments. 







Bonus #5:

Competition Preparation Manual


Learn the tips and tricks that helped me become an Olympian. In this manual you will learn HOW I cut weight, how I warm up and how I analyzed each of my competitors to help me win more easily. I talk about how to keep yourself focussed during the warm up and marshalling area as well as during the fight. 


This manual is a must for Judoka who are interested in competing at a club, state or national level.